Quilling involves the use of paper, cut into long, thin strips, as a primary building component. And though this particular art form has been around since the 18th century as a past-time, we realized that quilling is a less known compared to the ones that are currently trending out there, which is what spurred us to start up LeQuill!

By pinching, rolling, and coiling papers, we specialize in creating the type of personalized art that you can see on our page. From these first few baby steps, we plan to expand our range of products, creating and catering to your specific requirements, in hopes of spreading this craft farther into public knowledge. And quite frankly, we also enjoy helping you to send happiness to your loved ones with these customized gifts that shows how much you appreciate them. Have a precious memory to cherish? Celebrating a birthday? Commemorating a 10-year long friendship? Well, let us know about it and LeQuill will incorporate the story into a beautiful quilling piece.